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XETA Metaverse


Expanding the ecosystem of various entertainment DAPPS to XETA Entertainment Metaverse

Metaverse Business Model


Metaverse usage fee, Merchandise sales fee
Artists’ Music/Digital Music Release and Streaming Revenue
Publication and sale of digital NFTs Revenue

[Users, Fans]

Metaverse usage fee, Merchandrise sales fee
Marketplace subscription service fees (users, monthly-automatic payment)
Revenue from the sales of artists’ digital items

[Metaverse Real Estate]

Seoul, New York, Tokyo, Beijing, etc. Metaverse entertainment facilities and real estate
Management of buildings for concert halls and entertainment facilities
Revenue model depending on shopping mall move-in rental business/advertising business
DeFi financial services
Cooperation with various third-parties by providing SDKs, sales commission share

Platform operating revenue

Fees related to the production of artist performances
Artist NFT Issuance and Transaction Fees / Music service fees
Metaverse space sale and rental revenue / Brokerage Fees
Financial Services Revenue
Game company move-in operation fees
Other metaverse management fees, etc.

Operation case

[Explore Spaces]
Users have access to various spaces of XETA, can meet other users, and participate in events.
a. Commercial District: A complex of virtual retail stores in XETA.
b. Art District: A district of artists' studio. Users can do a virtual tour of the studio and if the artist is occupying the studio, you can converse with the artist about topics such as music production or get autographs.
c. Residential District: Users(fans) can purchase residential space here via a subcription. Various interior items can be purchased (or gifted).
[Artist Studio]
Provided to all artists free of cost.
Size upgrades and interior features can be purchased.
Artists can connect and communicate with fans using avatars.
Artists can receive interior products from fans as gifts.
Token sponsorship (Artists can receive monetary support from fans)
Artists can install a kiosk in the studio and sell digital goods.
Artists can sell virtual goods for avatars as well as offline goods (the platform will ship physical goods to the fan upon purchase)
[Concert Hall]
Artists can rent a free-scale concert hall where they can perform virtual live concerts using avatars (cost per hour and number of people connected)an be purchased (or gifted).
[Real Estate]
Conduct entertainment facilities and real estate businesses in various Metaverse metropolitan areas such as Seoul, New York, Tokyo, and Beijing. Realize real estate purchases and leases at entertainment facilities around the concert hall.
[Store] Collaborate with various brands to offer store space for sales of avatar items or offline goods.

XETA Expansion

  • Continuously holding auditions and concerts within the metaverse.
  • Designing Metaverse for people in their teens and twenties with the release of various interiors and avatar items.
  • Attracting popular and luxury brands to enter the market.
  • Variety of mini-game services in XVERSE with mobile game items transactions.
  • Expansion of entertainment partners to attract YouTubers and celebrities to XETA Attracting fashion/luxury brands (Sales of avatar items) and IKEA store (Sales of interior items) to XETA.
  • Continuous promotion of NFT-related content The goal of 10,000,000 global users by 2022.