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Dragon Legend

XETA Market Place Contents

XETA - P2E game platform 1st release: Dragon Legend

XPOP has plans to expand the user base by launching the first P2E game Dragon Legend globally when starting the XETA project, and to expand to entertainment NFT and metaverse in the future.
Dragon Legend is a ‘Play to Earn’ nurturing simulation smartphone game that allows user to purchase, hatch, and sell NFT dragons with the Ethereum blockchain-based Dragon Metaverse.
DP (Dragon Point) points obtained by purchasing dragon eggs and completing incubation/growth and quests can be converted into POP points, which can be used in the NFT marketplace or exchanged for XPOP coins.
By purchasing 6 types of dragon eggs, user can use points obtained through various activities to purchase Korean artists and NFT products or participate in various investments to obtain greater profits.
  • ‘Play to Earn’ platform that purchases dragon eggs and nurtures even legendary dragons
  • Various dragon growth activities
  • Investment return with various dragon egg NFT trades through the dragon breeding system
  • Providing differentiated fun elements such as PVP and guild battles and P2E investment returns
  • DP (Dragon Points) acquired in the game can be converted into POP points in XETA, which can be used within the platform or exchanged for XPOP Coins.
  • P2E game in which 5 types of paid dragon eggs are purchased and the purchased eggs have a 7-day nurturing period and are rewarded by acquiring incubation experience points through hatching tools, quests/missions, etc.
type of dragon

• Dragon Legend 1st Version

Special features

  • This is the first version of the entire Dragon Legend version. It provides a P2E system function that allows you to use the POP points generated during the dragon hatching > breeding process within the XETA ecosystem.
  • Maximum growth rate of the 1st version: Grow up to level 30
  • Paid Egg (Dragon): 6 types released
  • Cultivation process: From hatching to general fostering, through special fostering, grow up to a total of 30 levels
  • P2E: 26%~38% P2E profit + referral revenue depending on the dragon’s grade
  • upbringing items
Skill name
Reward experience
Reward DP (Example)
act cute
attack with teeth
(special skill)
10 reps each
  • The entire breeding process of the first version consists of raising dragons for about 90 days.
  • If a user raises multiple dragons, user can save time to get more DP (Dragon Point), and use DP (Dragon Point) to convert POP points to XPOP to monetize them.
A dragon with a slightly younger appearance, changing its appearance in 3 stages between 1 and 90 days of growth
General training and special training have been completed, swimming, shooting, and ring competition are all possible.
General activities, special activities
Buy 6 dragon eggs > hatch > nurture dragon

Dragon Legend 1st Version Roadmap

  • December 2021 - Completed Dragon Legend P2E concept planning
  • February 2022 Alpha testing completed
  • Beta testing expected to be completed by the end of March 2022
  • Released April 1, 2022

• Dragon Legend 2nd Version Breeding and NFT Market System

  • Breeding system: To be updated in August 2022
  • Creates a special dragon egg through breeding: For special dragons, 1. Vitality, 2. Attack power, 3. Defense, 4. Agility, and 5. Critical Strike 5 values increase according to the breeding ratio compared to the existing paid eggs.
  • In the case of the first version paid eggs, the number of mating cases N X ((N-1)/2)+N = 21 types > Consists of 231 rare eggs -> NFT market sales
1st generation
2nd generation
3rd generation
paid egg
cheap egg
  • In the 2nd version, the ratio of paid eggs to low-cost eggs: NFT is created at a ratio of about 1:10
  • The rarity of the first version paid egg is high, and the third-generation version (grandson) of the paid egg can have an edge in PVP battles
  • If the rarity is high, the win rate is relatively high through automatic battles, and user can receive more POP rewards.

• Dragon Legend 3rd Version: 1:1 PVP Battle System

  • PVP Battle System: Scheduled to be updated in September 2022
  • Rare dragons and legendary dragons created through breeding in the 2nd version automatically compete according to their level.
  • POP obtained by winning battles is obtained by exchanging DP obtained through gold in each rarity.
  • Applying an item system such as clothes to increase the ability

• Dragon Legend 4th Version: Special Dungeon System

  • Special Dungeon System: Scheduled to be updated in October 2022
  • Only the highest level dragons can enter the special dungeon, which is the highest level dungeon.
  • Treasures that can be obtained are based on the highest level legendary dragon (3rd generation descendant of 500,000 POP): about 100,000 USD / month (*depending on probability, average price)
> The lower dragon sets a differential reward rate according to each level
> Compensation is distributed from the platform’s revenue, and the above compensation rate may change depending on platform operating revenue