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XPOP Business


XETA = XPOP + Metaverse

Participants in the virtual environment have a sophisticated and trendy sense of culture, and by communicating with one another, they build a new culture. XETA is defined as a sensual culture created by everyone who participates in it.
The XPOP project is a blockchain system that supports the transaction and sale of digital assets (music, webtoons, game items, etc.) in its own blockchain that constitutes a diverse token ecosystem.
The vision of this project is to create a fair profit-sharing system that will contribute to the development of the entertainment industry by providing a platform where transactions are transparent to all stakeholders, including creators, publishers, producers, investors, and promoters. Each participant can participate in the token economy and governance within the created blockchain system.
The XPOP blockchain ecosystem provides a token economy across the ecosystem, and transparency provides efficient and effective copyright protection and compensation distribution. The platform also enables seamless communication between creators and users of all digital content worldwide to take the entertainment market to a new level.

XPOP Entertainment blockchain

In 2019, streaming services around the world grew 34% year-on-year, and the overall growth rate grew 9.7%. Compared to digital music sources, sales of traditional albums have decreased by about 10.1%, and download services have decreased by 21.2%, proving the growth of digital content. Sales of K-POP are showing remarkable growth, especially around the world, with an increase of 17.9% year-on-year. This is because the market for albums and related products of idol groups representing Korea has grown.
The music service market has a mixed business structure with several players, and XETA is being prepared as an XPOP entertainment platform, and NFT music service is scheduled to be serviced in 20
XETA music service focused on finding and supporting new artists
The artist support program, provided through XPOP’s music services, is a project that helps new musicians grow and develop into worldwide stars while also expanding their fandom. The XPOP token economy is a service that allows the release of Korean singers’ recordings to be released without being constrained by the political issues in certain countries. XPOP Music Service has more than 200 artists at home and abroad, collaborates with multiple entertainment groups in Korea, and is developing the XETA platform to help Korean musicians expand internationally.

XETA Platform - Marketplace

The XETA platform is divided into two main sections: a marketplace for music, games, art, and webtoons, and a live service for connecting K-pop stars and their fans.
The XETA platform is divided into two main sections: a marketplace for music, games, art, and webtoons, and a live service that connects K-pop stars and fans.
XETA transforms the entertainment ecosystem through blockchain, thereby advancing rookie artists to create, distribute, promote, spread, and trade new content. The XPOP compensation mechanism for this takes place across the platform.
The purpose of XPOP is to expand to the XETA Metaverse platform, which includes NFT, and to become an XETA platform capable of capturing entertainment content from various countries.
XETA Ecosystem Stable Token : POP
POP tokens are stable tokens used throughout the XETA ecosystem and are converted at a price of POP = 0.01 USDT.
Dragon Legend P2E Platform
Dragon Point (DP) is the value of items in Dragon Legend, and it is exchanged for POP, the Stable Token within the XETA platform, in the Dragon Legend P2E DApp.
XPOP is the only token exchanged for POP Token and contains the value of the XETA ecosystem.
The transaction volume of XPOP tokens is proportional to the production and distribution of digital content issued by the XETA ecosystem, and the higher the transaction volume, the higher the commission revenue of the entire platform. Depending on the rate of increase in the token's circulation transaction volume, increase in market liquidity and an increase in the token price can be expected.
XPOP and NFT Staking
1) NFT Staking can be expected to buy XPOP for NFT holdings, making it a factor in price increases.
2) XPOP Staking allows you to increase various business profits such as digital content NFT creation, business cooperation, and crowdfunding, which can act as a factor in XPOP price rise.

XETA Ecosystem development direction

XETA is expanding its initial users thanks to the influx of Dragon Legend users and the expansion of K-content NFT users, and is expected to expand K-Content users to Artist NFT, Music NFT, and Webtoon NFT.
In 2023, the XETA platform will be transformed into the Metaverse platform, which will focus on the entertainment industry. Artists, fans, and business players can build and develop more business features in the metaverse environment. The future value of the XETA platform and the XPOP token can be increased by developing businesses such as entertainment and real estate.