XPOP Whitepapers
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Token Economy

XPOP Token

Token Usability

1. Digital content token transaction, distribution, and reward
2. Advertisement/Marketing payments
3. Transaction Fee (with discounts applied when using XPOP token)
4. Participation in the ecosystem for revenue distribution of transactions within the XPOP Entertainment market (Marketplace, NFT, Metaverse)
5. Voting rights for influencing the governance of XPOP blockchain

Token Allocation

Private sale / Investors
Company Reserves
Team & Advisor
Strategic Partnerships

XPOP Token Contract Address

Contract Address : 0x0F3a02BaEC9607f2b52B3ab629CBCEa2047E1124

XPOP Token Value

• Supply and Demand Measurement

Considering that the total supply of XPOP is fixed, the main factor that affects the value of the XPOP network is the driver for demand. XPOP’s fundamental driver for demand is the liquidity of the market that relates to active transactions of the tokenized digital content on the XPOP blockchain.
SSxpopVxpop=PxpopGMVtSSxpop * Vxpop = Pxpop * GMVt
The items are as follows:
SSxpop represents the total supply of 50 million XPOP tokens.
Vxpop is the distribution speed of XPOP tokens.
Pxpop is the price of an XPOP token.
GMVt represents the GMV of digital content items in the entertainment market traded on XPOP.
Through the above equation, the key generating factor for the price of XPOP tokens will be affected by the total commodity value of all transactions occurring in the XPOP blockchain. The larger the volume of transactions caused by the size of each transaction and the greater the liquidity of P2P transactions, the higher the price of XPOP tokens can be expected.
Another key factor in the price of XPOP tokens is based on the speed of transaction distribution of XPOP tokens. It is expected that the transaction distribution speed of the tokens will be higher as the ecosystem maturity of the token gets established. However, as more companies participate to become validators with XPOP, the number of XPOP tokens used to secure benefits as ecosystem partners will increase. Also, as the volume of transactions increases, sellers of digital content assets will have to hold more tokens as collateral for trading their creations.
Assuming that other conditions do not change, more XPOP tokens will be needed to function as trading volume and liquidity increase, which will further reduce the speed of distribution transactions of XPOP tokens and drive up the price of each token.

• POP tokens and XPOP burning process used by the XETA platform

The total issuance of XPOP tokens is set at the initial stage of issuance, and this issuance structure differs in the method of regulating the circulation to supply and demand money in the traditional economic market. For this reason, the following toquenomics structure is as follows.
In the XETA ecosystem, POP tokens that can be exchanged for 0.1 USD are circulated, and POP tokens are stable tokens used only within the ecosystem. The stable token POP can be purchased by users with fiat or XPOP, or verified cryptocurrency pegged with USD. These goods are stored inside the platform and when the user is finally consumed in the service value-added structure, the XPOP token corresponding to the value of the consumed goods is burned from the Ecosystem quota equivalent to 30% of the total issuance.
This burning process creates deflation of the token ecosystem, which can lead to an increase in the price of XPOP tokens.