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| Rockin'KOREA Co. Ltd.

'Cultural contents production agency' Rockin'KOREA Co. Ltd. is carrying out various projects such as festivals, concert productions, album planning and distribution, artist management, video content planning and production, distribution, webtoons, web novel planning, production, and distribution. It is joined by more than 200 copyright holders, including webtoon writers, musicians, and web novel writers.

| Korean Busking Cooperative

Korean Busking Cooperative conducts various performances and art education activities through information exchange among artists through the community of more than 1,000 teams of active artists.

| A Entertainment

A Entertainment is an agency of Korean and Japanese actors and singers and is a label specializing in drama and film production.

| K-toon

K-toon is a Korean webtoon content company and is in charge of producing NFT contents.

| Ardor&Able

Singer and actor entertainment management company Ardor&Able is a music production and singer management company.

| Baystone Capital Management

BAYSTONE CAPITAL Management is an investment firm.
BayStone Capital Management is a financial management company based in Cayman, Singapore, and Malaysia that leads cryptocurrency finance and digital finance services. BayStone's partners are institutional investors, cryptocurrency exchanges, and digital asset operators, and conduct business in conjunction with leading financial institutions around the world. They promote digital banking services in Southeast Asia and European countries and are expanding their business into the field of cryptocurrency financial services.

| Xangle

An open virtual asset information disclosure portal with world-class partners, Xangle is a Singapore corporation led by experts in data technology, investment, research, and virtual assets. Regulators can reference data through Xangle, a disclosure-based information platform operated by the company, and aim to provide up-to-date, reliable information.

| Paradiso

Paradiso developed the world acclaimed first-person shooter game (FPS) 'Milk & Choco' and will operate as a business partner related to the Metaverse and Game Item Exchange sector of the business.


Gava Plus is a game studio with abundant experience and partnership in the games industry that is partnered with more than 200 Korean game companies.


Blueberry Games, a casual shooting game developer.