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The reason for writing this white paper is to share the purpose and technical direction of the XPOP token at the time of writing, not to recommend investment in the XPOP token.
The version of this white paper was written based on the date indicated at the top of the document, and the contents of this white paper only reflect the direction and progress of the business up to that date, and may be changed at any time after the date of writing. The contents of this white paper do not bind the company operating XPOP.
This white paper contains forward-looking information about the project or future business prospects. These statements are not historical facts and may be identified by the words "will", "anticipate", "expect", "plan", "prediction" or similar words. These forward-looking statements are also included in other publicly available materials, including presentations, interviews, and videos.
The company does not guarantee the entire responsibility for any investment that occurs not specified in the forward-looking statements based on forward-looking information obtained from the websites of the companies or affiliates mentioned in this white paper or other materials produced by the affiliates.
1) Whether the white paper is written based on legitimate rights and does not infringe on the rights of third parties 2) Whether the white paper is commercially valuable or useful 3) Whether the white paper is suitable for the purpose of the investor’s specific purpose 4) The content of the white paper 5) XPOP does not guarantee whether it was created and distributed legally according to the laws of the countries of the world, and whether the contents do not violate the laws of the countries of the world. In addition, the scope of liability exemption is not limited to the above examples.
Although the impact of changes in the legal regulation of virtual assets is unpredictable, it can materially adversely affect the development and growth of the platform and the adoption and usefulness of virtual assets. It is also impossible to predict how governments or regulators will implement the laws and regulations affecting ledger distribution technologies, including platforms and virtual assets, and their applications. In the circumstances described above, virtual assets may hold little or no value.
The sale of Virtual Assets and the activities of the Company, its affiliates and platforms may be suspended or delayed due to natural disasters, wars, terrorist attacks, riots, civil commotion, widespread epidemics and other reasons beyond the control of the Company and its affiliates. These risks suggest that the unexpected fluctuations or risks discussed herein may be compounded.
Due to the nature of the XPOP white paper, it may be translated into other languages, and XPOP uses the English white paper as the main official source for providing relevant information. In the case of incorrect information delivery such as omission, transformation, or erroneous information occurring in the unauthorized translation process, the English white paper takes priority.
The white paper may be updated in the future, and the contents of this white paper are for reference only, and you should check the update details to be posted on the official website. Unauthorized copying and distribution of this white paper is prohibited.
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